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Flooding Update

Members please be advised localized flooding occurred and still occurring in most of the well known lower areas, as well as higher areas of the area especially where storm water drains are blocked and not sufficiently maintained.

Please stay clear of Rossburgh / Southway Mal Area.
as per member:

“Southway mall durban flooded, water is a metre high. Please avoid area” (Tme Stamp via our KZNCAM SOS Group: 05H36)

We are receiving:

Multiple reports from members of roof damages occurred and occurring.

Members without electricity due to tripped circuits.

Walls that have collapsed (out of area – Hillary)

Disadvantaged persons displaced and or injured from the flooding.

Please ensure:

1. If you have no need to leave your property today, please remain off the roads.
2. If you have to leave to go to work, please leave earlier than usual and allow for extra traveling time.
3. Ensure your windscreen wipers are in working condition. Drive with your lights on and at a reduced speed in order for other road users ti see you.
4. Ensure you are dressed warmly and wear light and or reflective clothing.
5. In an unlikely event you break down on the side of the road, do not get out your vehicle unless you are 100% sure its safe to do so.
6. Ensure your cellhone is 100% charged, before traveling.
7. If your electricity has tripped, ensure your firstly switch off the mains isolater. (Usually located on the left hand side of your Trips switches .. which should be located to the left of the Trip Switch “one that has a “test button””. … Or switch them all off!
7a) Then use a torch if you are still in darkness and check that all lights and plug points are firstly wet do not at any time touch the wet light switches or plugs if the electricity has not been properly switched off.
7b) If everything is off and you find anything that is wet, ensure you use a dry towel and unplug the affected plug points. Followed by wiping the areas dry.
7b) Then and only then return to switch on your plug and light switches followed by the electricity on the DB Board (One with all the Trip switches), starting from the left hand side slowly working to the right. – This will help isolate any problems. should anything trip, leave that part of the circuit off and contact your insurance company or local electrician. (The problem may not be directly related to electrical, but also structural – Electrical or Building and or both!)
8) Members who are traveling on the roads please ensure you regularly press your breaks to warm the disk pads or drum pads which will assist in drying the pads for better breaking.
9) Do not drive into large puddles… the drain covers could have moved, and or been stolen!
10) If road sections have been danger taped… They have been done so for a reason!
11) Please be patient and obey ALL Traffic, Law Enforcement, Disaster Management and EMS officials.
12) Use common sense!
13) If in doubt …. DONT!!!!!

issued by:
KZN Community Assist & Disaster Management NPC /
and /
ACR National Intelligence SA (PTY)Ltd.

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  • ACR / KZNCADM Protocol and Rules has been updated to Revision 1.4
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