Mission Statement

ACR National Crime Intelligence (PTY)Ltd. is a Non Profit crime fighting project.

Our Aim is to create and promote crime awareness amongst all towns and communities on a national level. We endevour to do so with the affiliation of and by involving all major crime fighting  entities such as SAPS, METRO, EMS, CPF and SECURITY FORCES.

With assistance and affiliation of these entities, we are able to be more proactive and assist each other with better communication understanding, support and action against crime.

All members that are working within the ACR, members that volunteer their time to assist in the fight against crime on a National Level.

We all stand together in one fight. The fight to protect the the innocent and bring justice to book.


  • are a Professional Team consisting of Directors / Board Members / Professionals  and Volunteers
  • have secured trusted partnership and or service level agreements with various registered entities, thus combining ALL trusted Expertise and products under one roof, where through various partners and agreements can cover the entire spectrum to assist EMS and Law Enforcement Entities, in the safety of the members of the public.
  • are NOT a Political organisation and are not affiliated to any political organisations.
  • are NOT there to replace your existing Armed Response Company
  • are NOT there to replace Law Enforcement Entities or EMS Services
  • are there to support and assist the community and provide Backbone Multi Agency Support
  • respect the Constitution of the Land and uphold the Law of the  Land
  • do not approve of racism or vigilantism.
  • have a multitude of team members from all walks of life, all races represented and all major religions represented
  • cover all provinces in South Africa
  • are in the process of further partnering with neighboring countries